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Año Publicaciones
2021 Model Predictive Control scheme of a four-level Quasi-Nested Converter fed AC-drive, with dc-link voltage-drift compensation. Electronics (Q1). En prensa
2021 Four-level Quasi-Nested Converter topology using a novel discontinuous PWM. International Journal of Electronics (Q1). En prensa
2021 Emissions Assessment of Vessel at Berth using Bi-directional Cold-Ironing Integrated to LNG. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments (Q1). En prensa
2021 Nuclear Fusion Pattern Recognition by Ensemble Learning. Complexity (Q1).
2021 Fall detection and activity recognition using human skeleton features. IEEE Access (Q1).
2021 Challenges for Zero-Emissions Ship. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (Q1).
2021 Evaluation of the Emission Impact of Cold-Ironing Power Systems, Using a Bi- Directional Power Flow Control Strategy. Sustainability (Q1).
2021 Four-Level Quasi-Nested Inverter Topology for Single-Phase Applications. Electronics (Q1).
2021 An Active/Reactive Power Control Strategy for Renewable Generation Systems. Electronics (Q1).
2021 Optimised Design of Permanent Magnet Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Machines for Household Appliances. IEEE Transaction on Energy Conversion (Q1).
2021 Homothetic Design in Synchronous Reluctance Machines and Effects on Torque Ripple. IEEE Transaction on Energy Conversion (Q1).
2021 Estimation of Moisture content in Thickened Tailings Dams: Machine Learning techniques applied to Remote Sensing Images. IEEE Access (Q1). 
2021 Impact of Tolerances on the Cogging Torque of Tooth-Coil-Winding PMSMs with Modular Stator Core by Means of Efficient Superposition Technique. Electronics (Q1).
2021 Direct power control strategy for an axial flux permanent magnet synchronous machine. Electrical Engineering (Q1).
2020 A Distributed Vision-Based Navigation System for Khepera IV Mobile Robots. Sensor (Q1).
2020 Automatic recognition of anomalous patterns in discharges by recurrent neural networks. Fusion engineering and design (Q1). 
2020 Event-Based Control: A Bibliometric Analysis of Twenty Years of Research. IEEE Access (Q1). 
2020 Evidence-Based Control Engineering Education: Evaluating the LCSD Simulation Tool. IEEE Access (Q1). 
2020 Reinforcement Learning for Position Control Problem of a Mobile Robot. IEEE Access (Q1). 
2020 Simulation and Experimental Results of a New Control Strategy For Point Stabilization of Nonholonomic Mobile Robots. IEEE Transactions On Industrial Electronics (Q1). 
2019 Automated Assessment and Monitoring Support for Competency-Based Courses. IEEE Access (Q1). 
2019 Automated assessment for computer programming practices: the 8-years UNED experience. IEEE Access (Q1). 
2019 Automatic Control for the Production of Alginate by Azotobacter Vinelandii. IEEE Access (Q1). 
2019 Development of an Easy-to-Use Multi-Agent Platform for Teaching Mobile Robotics. IEEE Access (Q1). 
2019 Parametric Study of 3D Additive Printing Parameters Using Conductive Filaments on Microwave Topologies. IEEE Access (Q1). 
2019 Design and Building of an Automatic Alternator Synchronizer Based on Open-Hardware Arduino Platform. IEEE Access (Q1).
2019 A Modified Step-Up DC-DC Flyback Converter with Active Snubber for Improved Effiency. Energies (Q1).
2019 Closed-Form Solution for the Slot Leakage Inductance of Tooth-Coil-Winding Permanent Magnet Machines. IEEE Transaction on Energy Conversion (Q1).
2018 Face Recognition and Drunk Classification Using Infrared Face Images. Journal of sensors (Q3). 
2018 A Neural Network Approach for Building An Obstacle Detection Model by Fusion of Proximity Sensors Data. Sensors (Q1). 
2018 Applying Deep Learning for Improving Image Classification in Nuclear Fusion Devices. IEEE Access (Q1). 
2018 Image classification by using a reduced set of feature in the TJ-II Thompson Scattering diagnostic. Fusion engineering and design (Q1). 
2018 On the potential of ruled-based machine learning for disruption prediction on JET. Fusion engineering and design (Q1). 
2018 Open-Source Hardware in Education: A Systematic Mapping Study. IEEE Access (Q1). 
2018 Particle Swarm Optimization for the Fusion of Thermal and Visible Descriptors in Face Recognition Systems. IEEE Access (Q1). 
2018 Software parallelization of a probabilistic classifier based on Venn prediction: Application to the TJ-II Thompson scattering. Fusion engineering and design (Q1). 
2017 An enhanced representation of thermal faces for improving local appearance-based face recognition. Intelligent Automation And Soft Computing (Q3). 
2017 Reduced isothermal feature set for long wave infrared (LWIR) face recognition. Infrared Physics & Technology (Q2). 
2017 Addaboost Classification of TJ-II Thompson Scattering Images. Fusion engineering and design (Q1). 
2017 Thermal Face Recognition Under Temporal Variation Conditions. IEEE Access (Q1).